Avion -Multiplex Construction Inc. is prepared to offer its Construction Management expertise under various forms of contracts to suit the Clients’ needs according to their particular requirements.

Options include the following:

  • Pre-construction Services
  • Design – Build
  • Lump Sum – Stipulated Sum
  • Lump Sum – Guaranteed Maximum Price (G.M.P.)
  • Project/Construction Management

Pre-planning of all projects requires knowledgeable, informed, local construction expertise with regards to scheduling, cost evaluations and construction systems advice. Avion – Multiplex can provide these valued services to assist the client in developing the most cost effective project to suit their needs.

Design – Build

Avion – Multiplex’s objective is to undertake total design-build contracts for those clients wishing to delegate a single responsibility for an entire project. We have successfully completed projects on this basis for various types of projects, including shopping centers, food manufacturing, meat and dairy products, custom light industrial, pre-engineered building and warehouse facilities.

Lump Sum – Stipulated Sum

As a result of our active participation in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors of the construction market, we can provide highly competitive Lump Sum tenders for a variety of projects based on the client’s tender plans and specifications as prepared by his consultants.

Lump Sum -Guaranteed Maximum Price (G M P )

For those projects requiring a “Fast Track” approach, i.e. Construction proceeding during the final design phase, it is sometimes desirable to establish an overall guaranteed maximum price within which allows the owner the flexibility of proceeding with construction to escalate the time schedule. The final construction plans and specifications are being completed to meet the functional intent of the project.

Work By Our Own Work Forces

As an experienced general contractor in renovation and new construction, Avion – Multiplex will provide highly competitive quotations for the entire project using its own work forces. This can be a most beneficial option to an owner, as it provides the most direct hands-on control.

Project /Construction Management

Avion – Multiplex’s ┬ámanagement team┬áhave carried out many projects on a Construction Management basis and is prepared to offer its construction expertise on a fee basis for these services. Such management contracts generally commence during the planning stage (pre-construction) of the project and carry through to commissioning of the project.

The following will detail our approach during the various stages of a typical Construction Management Project.

The same services and systems are offered to our clients as applicable on the other alternate construction services noted above.

Avion – Multiplex Construction Inc commitment as a Project/Construction Manager and as a member of the project team – Owner, Designer, Construction Manager – starts at the very preliminary stages of the project and will carry through into the post construction and warranty phase. The various phases and related activities generally are as follows:

Planning Phase

  • Concept review
  • Preliminary budgeting
  • First Guaranteed Maximum Price

Design Phase

  • Value/Systems analysis
  • Cost monitoring and control
  • Schedule preparation
  • Prepare cash flow forecasts

Tendering Phase

  • Pre-qualify Subcontractors
  • Sub trade tendering
  • Tender evaluation and commitment

Construction Phase

  • Manage site activities
  • Site administration
  • Monitor and update schedule
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Control
  • Change order administration

Turnover Phase

  • Coordinate and conduct final inspections
  • Organize as-built documentation
  • Prepare project manuals
  • Oversee commissioning of mechanical and electrical systems

Warranty Phase

  • Administer warranties
  • Conduct year-end inspections.